We keep calling it “burn out”, but-

Are you burnt out, or are you being abused? Is there a difference?             You may find yourself in a position where you know you don’t feel right about your job. Are you anxious, and constantly worried about tasks that need to be completed? Maybe you find yourself working longer and longer hours and doingContinue reading “We keep calling it “burn out”, but-“

Empathetic Detachment- what is it and how can it help?

If you find yourself personally carrying the emotional weight of many lives, this might be a helpful time to learn about empathetic detachment. With empathetic detachment, we can care about what is going on, without taking personal responsibility for outcomes that are beyond our control. Empathetic detachment allows us to have empathy while also maintainingContinue reading “Empathetic Detachment- what is it and how can it help?”