We keep calling it “burn out”, but-

Are you burnt out, or are you being abused? Is there a difference?             You may find yourself in a position where you know you don’t feel right about your job. Are you anxious, and constantly worried about tasks that need to be completed? Maybe you find yourself working longer and longer hours and doingContinue reading “We keep calling it “burn out”, but-“

The Self-harm fulfilling prophesy

One of the interesting and damaging things about certain types of childhood trauma is the way our sense of self and boundaries are affected. If you were conditioned as a child to have no boundaries or very unhealthy ones, then as an adult you may find you struggle with giving too much information too quicklyContinue reading “The Self-harm fulfilling prophesy”

I am tired of burn out.

I am tired of burn out. I am tired of talking about it and thinking about it. I am tired of hearing about it and trying to help my clients work through it while I am struggling with it at the same time. We already know we are living through historical times- I think everybodyContinue reading “I am tired of burn out.”

Is depression always bad?

When we think of the many different human emotions, we often separate these feelings into categories of “good” and “bad” feelings. There are many reasons for this- maybe we were taught that certain expressions of feelings weren’t okay and so we categorize that feeling as bad. Or maybe someone else’s expression of an emotion frightenedContinue reading “Is depression always bad?”

Gratitude practice- Why I want you to stop doing it

A gratitude practice is a daily habit of identifying and naming several things you are grateful for each day. Most people use a gratitude practice as a part of therapy or self-help to work on developing a more positive outlook.  Gratitude practices work well with cognitive behavioral and positive psychology approaches to therapy. When aContinue reading “Gratitude practice- Why I want you to stop doing it”